FILMICON is a company founded in 2011 by combinedforces and experience of two people: Olga Bieniek and Mirosław Piepka. They met during production of feature film “Black Thursday. Janek Wisniewski fell” directed by Antoni Krauze, where Mirek Piepka was screenwriter and co-producer while Olga Bieniek – production manager.

FILMICONs main aim is to produce daring and interesting movies. We’re not afraid of hard and controvercial topics that in our oppinion should be shown in public. We want to make movies of great importance.

FILMICON started with producing „The closed circuit” by Ryszard Bugajski – director who once again comments the current political situation in Poland. The movie gathered six houndred tousand spectators in polish cinemas and is distributet worldwide (USA, Canada, Australia, China and in many european countries). It was screened at many festivals all over the world and was awarded with audience award for times, and for us it’s the most important award. As Hitchcock said „Audience esteem is the highest mark”.
Another production is documentary
„Black box” directed by debutant Krzysztof Kowalski. Krzysztof was also D.O.P and screenwriter. This movie shows Tomasz Tomaszewski, polish photographer who comes back to Poland after over 25 years spent abroad.

At the moment we’re working on two projects. The first one, historical feature film „The Butler” by Filip Bajon. Screenplay was written by Mirosław Piepka, Michał S. Pruski and Marek Klat. We’re planning to show over 40 years of polish history (mainy Kashubia).

Another project is a documentary about polish famous rock group „KULT”.

FILMICON is more that just producing. It’s creative group of hotheads who prepre their projects with a great attention to details. It’s all about apropriate people, perfect scenography and cotumes, precisly prepared technology, effective promotion and well planned festival strategy.